Interview with Yanislav Malahov, Founder of Æternity Blockchain Eurasia 2023(part 2)

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Interview with Yanislav Malahov, Founder of Æternity Blockchain  Eurasia 2023(part 2) 官方 第1张

AIBC: So, what is the next rollout for aetenity blockchian within the next 6 and 12 months?
What is the so new exciting features are the hyperchains will be released? And what sort of time frame will they be out and allowing people to play with them?
Yanislav: Im confident that this will happen this a year, but since its a project from the aeternity crypo foundation and I am to some degree involved but Im not really much involved there, and the developers are organizing their mostly. And so I cant really do I cant give you a launch date. But I mean, my hope is that its early this year and Ive already said Im gonna just implement it myself. Probably….
AIBC: Fork away the way you go.
Yanislav: I just want to see this innovation happening in the sense that its I started writing about hyperchains already in 2016. There is a medium post about this. And there are some lets say upgrades to what I wrote about already seven years ago, but at the core its still the same that its a delegated proof of stake chain, time stamping on a proof of work chain. How exactly this mechanism works this, I think this is like kind of like the main innovation here which I dont find time here to talk about, but there was going to soon to be a detailed paper about this published how exactly this the standard hyperchains piggybacking consensus mechanism is going to work. But generally hyperchains are going to be modular in the sense that you can also you can use a different consensus mechanism here. So its really like a kind of like a blockchain toolkit in a similar way how the there cosmos SDK works will be a hyperchains SDK as well. So its enabling people launch blockchains, this is the idea to launch secure blockchains for any use case for any really any case target groups you asked me before. More technical people obviously people wha are really early in the adoption curve obviously. Were generally in the market is really early but its very general product and you asked me about use cases as well theres still no main use case, there are lots of different small use cases and there were like lots of different incubated projects but no really breakthough projects were still waiting for it, but isnt that true for all blockchain learners…
AIBC: So if so someone is listening to this right now and theyre saying I want to try this out where can they find out more information, who can they reach out to do get more support and help on this is there anywhere they can go?
Yanislav: They can go into is a great place. So aeternity with an AE, and the forum for technical questions is great discussions as well deep question, as well for simple questions telegram theres also internet channel, and for uh lets say for developer chats there si also the discord channel so there are three places.
AIBC: Fantastic! Well thank you very much for your time and I hope youre enjoying the aibc summit. We are going to be back very very soon with more amazing people from the web3 and blockchain space here on the aibc channel.
Yanislav: Thank you for this opportunity, its great to be here.


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