An Erlang-Based Blockchain Meet Yanislav Malahov(part 3)

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David: Have you published this proposal what were the reactions to the proposal?

David: 你发表了这个建议吗?对于这个建议有什么反应?


Yanni: We published a white paper about this, generally we are publishing development updates on the progress of the development. It s on going its done by the aeternity crypto foundation based in verduz lichtenstein. Im managed by them, and theyre around 10 core developers working on this at the moment. And the community is really waiting for this, theyre really hungry.

Yanni: 我们发布了一份关于此的白皮书,通常我们会发布有关开发进度的开发更新。它正在进行中,由位于瑞士列支士敦的aeternity crypto基金会完成。我也由他们管理,目前他们大约有10名核心开发人员从事这项工作。社区等待超链已经饥渴难耐了。

David: So what will be the measure of success of a hyperchain architecture. You said we will use it with bitcoin first. Bitcoin is a permissionless environment so of course you can, and if you succeed thats good. How will you measure adoption will it be the applications that use it, or the wallets that adopt it? What will be your measure of success?

David: 那么,衡量超链架构成功的标准是什么?你说会先把它和比特币一起使用。比特币是一个无需许可的环境,所以你当然可以使用,如果你成功了那很好。您将如何衡量采用率,是使用它的应用程序还是采用它的钱包?你衡量成功的标准是什么?


Yanni: I think the easiest way how to measure success is transaction volume. So the higher transaction volume is by real actors the better, so the more users do more valuable transactions the better.

Yanni: 我认为衡量成功最简单的方法是交易量。所以交易量越高越好,所以越多的用户进行越有价值的交易越好。


David: Okay, what is your benchmark hyperchain transaction volume exceeding ethereum transaction volume? (laugh)

David: 好的,你的基准超链交易量超过以太坊交易量是多少?(笑)


Yanni: I mean this is easy meaning the 20 blockchain mainnet already does more transactions than the ethereum blockchain. Our virtual machine is 10 times more space efficient and the erlang nodes are really fast communicating with each other. They are really I mean erlang is exactly for the blockchain, for the apis yeah for the….

Yanni: 这很简单,意味着20个区块链主网已经比以太坊区块链进行了更多的交易。我们的虚拟机的空间效率相比EVM提高了10倍,而且erlang节点之间的通信速度非常快。意思是 erlang正是用于区块链,用于api的,用于……


David: OKay, so what is the other more transactions than VISA?

David: 好的,那么比VISA更多的交易量呢?


Yanni: more transactions than VISA? Well, should be also achiveable I mean, if we really create a tree of chains, using this hyperchains consensus mechanism, you can have infinite on-chain scalability. This is not a problem anymore, there was also a concept called three chains published by peter todd who envisioned this for the bitcoin blockchain. Unfortunately bitcoin blockchain or bitcoin community is for reasons I totally understand very conservatively they almost dont want to change anything and talk years about every change. I am personally I like to innovate faster so this was maybe also one of the main reasons why…

Yanni: VISA更多的交易?嗯,应该也是可以实现的,我的意思是,如果我们真的创建一个链树,使用这种超链共识机制,你可以拥有无限的链上可扩展性。这不再是问题,彼得·托德(Peter Todd)也发布了一个名为三链的概念,他为比特币区块链设想了这一点。不幸的是,比特币区块链或比特币社区的原因我完全理解,他们几乎不想改变任何东西,并以年为单位谈论每一个变化。我个人喜欢更快地创新,所以这可能也是主要原因之一(创建aeternity)……

David: Well, because it is not a trillion dollars that is secured by aeternity (yaniexactly) now, is it the case that you expect attacks against hyperchains and how will you deal with them?

David: 好吧,因为现在不是由aternityyani:确切地说)担保的一万亿美元,你预计会有对超链进行攻击吗?您将如何处理它们?


Yanni: Yes for sure if theres value involved there are going to be people who would like to attack.

Yanni: 是的,当然,如果有价值,就会有人想要攻击。


David: So you will have a bug bounty program(yani: yes) or how will you create the incentives towards creation rather than to us destruction?

David: 那么你将有一个漏洞赏金计划(亚尼:是的),或者你将如何创造激励,而不是毁灭?


Yanni: Yes, uh backcountry program we already have this will be obviously set up in a new way for hyperchains when this launches. I will have a security review obviously for multiple reasons. Not just the technical security and I find also the approach of parity interesting of kusama and polkadot meaning kusama being kind of liek the low value experimental version of polkadot. We might also go for a similar approach. So where we kind of like load a test net with value through buying the coin and telling people please break it, in case you break it you can keep keep the coin. But look at kusamas market cap it isnt that low value anymore so…

Yanni: 是的,我们已经有了一个后台的项目,很明显,当这个项目启动时,它将以一种新的方式为超链建立起来。显然,出于多种原因,我将进行安全审查。不仅仅是技术安全性,我还发现kusamapolkadot的奇偶校验方法很有趣,这意味着kusama有点像polkadot的低价值实验版本。我们也可以采用类似的方法。因此,我们有点喜欢通过购买硬币并告诉人们请打破它来加载具有价值的测试网,如果您打破它,您可以保留硬币。但是看看kusama的市值,它的价值已经不那么低了,所以……


David: And then maybe it needs to flip who knows. Yeah very interesting! Well, good luck wih the next steps of aeternity and the launch of these new initiatives and thank you very much for being here with me today!

David: 然后可能需要翻转,谁知道呢。是的,非常有趣!那么,祝aeternity在未来的发展和这些新举措的启动中好运,非常感谢你今天来到这里!


Yanni: Thank you it was my pleasure and yeah great thanks.

Yanni: 谢谢,这是我的荣幸,谢谢。




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